Sacramento Samoan Seventh-day Adventist Church

3526 5th Ave
Sacramento, CA, 95817-3103


  1. EVANGELISM 2016
  2. ​TWO SERVICES:  In an effort to reach our neighbours and surrounding communities with the gospel truth, we will now be holding two language services (Samoan and English) simultaneously, beginning July 16, 2016.  Tentative schedule as follows:  
Samoan Divine Service
English Sabbath School 
Class Rooms
11:00AM Preliminaries (Combined)  Sanctuary
English Divine Service
Samoan Sabbath School
Fellowship Hall

On July 6, 2013, twelve months of blood, sweat, and tears came to fruition - the completion of our "Faith Project".  This project staged the extensive renovation of our main church building from a dilapidated retrofitted warehouse, to a beautiful fully-functional sanctuary, with zero funds and a ton of faith that God would provide.  And He surely did, above and beyond our needs!  We praise God for His infinite love and blessings, and are so grateful to all who pledged their time, money, prayers and resources in helping us realize this blessed milestone.  A special thank you to our Church family and Maranatha Volunteers for their dedication and hard-work.  God bless you all!

"The work is great, because the temple is not for man but for the LORD God" (1 Chronicles 29:1)

Sacramento Samoan SDA Church - Faith Project - Before & After

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